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Micro Dispensing System - Nozzle Units + Nozzle Inserts


Nozzle Units and Nozzle Inserts

for the MDS 3000 Series and the MDS 1000 Series

Nozzle Unit

The Nozzle Unit is a central module of the microdispensing valve. It has been designed to hold the nozzle and center the tappet. The nozzle unit includes:

  • the nozzle adjusting nut,
  • the tappet guidance,
  • and the O-ring.

Additionally it contains the nozzle insert.

Parts of the nozzle unit will be in contact with the dispensing medium. In order to be able to process a wide range of media, the nozzle units are made from different materials.

Nozzle Fixation Nut

Top-Adjust valves that are equipped with the fluid boxes MDFH-48-CH-TA (MDS 3250+) and MDFH-48-CH-BY (MDS 3280 and MDS 1560) use a nozzle fixation nut instead of the nozzle unit. In contrast to the nozzle unit the nozzle fixation nut consists of one single component. Tappet guidance and O-ring are not required.

Nozzle Adjustment Nuts

Nozzle adjustment nuts are part of the noozle unit. There are a number of different models to choose from.

  • Nozzle Adjustment Nut NAN-fix-H
  • Nozzle Adjustment Nut NAN-fix-H+10
  • Nozzle Adjustment Nut NAN-fix-HC
  • Nozzle Adjustment Nut NAN-fix-HC+10
  • Nozzle Adjustment Nut NAN-fix-L
  • Nozzle Adjustment Nut - Universal
  • Nozzle Adjustment Nut - MDH 230tf
  • Nozzle Adjustment Nut - Universal +10
  • Nozzle Adjustment Nut - Needle Protection
  • Nozzle Adjustment Nut - MDH 230tf +10

Tappet Guidances

The tappet guidance is part of the nozzle unit. It has been designed to precisely guide the tappet to the nozzle insert. By default tappet guidances are fitted with an O-ring made of NBR. Other alternative materials for the sealings are e.g. EPDM, viton and silicone.

Nozzle Inserts

VERMES Microdispensing offers a wide range of nozzle inserts (NI) to optimize your dispensing process. Regardless if you are doing non-contact and contact dispensing, if you are processing small or large dispense volumes that are applied for filled, unfilled, abrasively filled, low, medium or high viscosity media at VERMES Microdispensing you will find exactly the right nozzle insert for your individual dispensing process.

O-rings, Sealings and Sealing Materials

The modular design of the systems of both the MDS 3000 and the MDS 1000 series allows it for them to be fitted in a very short time for a wide range of applications. Together with the different valves, fluid boxes, nozzle units, nozzle inserts and tappets the resiliance of the sealings and sealing materials plays an important role in the choice of system components.

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