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Micro Dispensing System - MDS 1560 Series

The Micro Dispensing System MDS 1560 is powered by DST - Dynamic Shockwave Technology.
DST significantly optimizes the valve’s yield in order to achieve a most perfect dispensing result.
The MDS 1560 is suitable for a very wide range of liquids of various viscosities in industrial microdispensing.

  • Powered by DST
  • Wide Range of Applications
  • Most Perfect Dispensing Results
  • Unique Compression Technology for highest Power + Speed
  • Simple Parameter Settings
  • Easy Set-up + Maintenance
  • Integrated heater

The MDS 1560 is powered by DST - VERMES Microdispensing’s revolutionary actuator principle technology.

It performs extraordinary power, precision and speed even at the smallest stroke.

Major Advantages

DST - Dynamic Shockwave Technology - VERMES Microdispensing’s revolutionary actuator principle significantly optimizes the valve’s actuator yield in order to achieve a most perfect dispensing result.

The new VERMES Microdispensing technology allows for the MDV 1560 to perform at maximum dispensing frequency, faster than any electro-pneumatic jet valve on the market.

The MDS 1560 system offers consistent power transmission and highest precision and speed even at the smallest stroke.

An integrated temperature system, including nozzle heating and monitoring, delivers permanently stable temperature and perfect viscosity conditions for all dispensing media.

The MDS 1560 has optimized channel guidance and configuration of the compression geometries.

Dispensing parameters can be easily modified to dispense the perfect line regardless of the varying conditions.

The MDV 1560 valve is mountable from three sides to a dispensing machine and has a rotable fluid box for maximum system integration flexibility.

The bayonet fluid box turns the tappet change into a fast and easy activity without the need for additional tools.

Full compatibility to VERMES Microdispensing consumables and spare parts gives maximum configuration flexibility.

Recommended Media:

The system provides a perfect solution for a very wide range of liquids of various viscosities, ranging from aqueous solutions to solder paste.

This includes for example:

  • Solder Pastes from Type 5 onwards
  • Solder Fluxes
  • Organic Solvents
  • Weak Acids + Bases
  • All aqueous solutions

Application Examples:

  • The system is suitable for media of a very wide spread of viscosity in many applications of industrial micro dispensing processes.
  • With the MDS1560 - powered by DST dynamic shockwave technology - VERMES Microdispensing offers a solution to reliably dispense solder pastes from type 5 onward without matter plugging and clogging at the tappet tip.
  • Media can be jetted in amounts smaller than 1.0 nano-liter.
  • The system is ideal for many industries, such as electronic industry, consumer industry as well as automotive and medical technology.

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