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Hot Melt Dispensing

with VERMES Microdispensing Jet Valves

The MDS 1560 Hot Melt Dispensing System


from VERMES Microdispensing has been specially designed for dispensing hot glue, also known as hot melt adhesive.

  • Perfect Solution for all types of Hot Melt Applications
  • Designed for Hot Glue Adhesives Dispensing
  • Ideal for Electronic Manufacturing
  • Freely adjustable Parameter Settings
  • Complex Pattern Dispensing Options
  • Highest Media Life Preservation

Hot melt is a thermoplastic adhesive that changes its solid state to liquid when passing through the zones of increasing temperature. 

Hot melt applications are getting more and more popular in electronic industry, e.g. for bonding smart phone displays.

Major Advantage:


The VERMES Microdispensing Hot Melt System is an optimal solution for the dispensing of polyurethane-based hot melt adhesives.

In combination with the cartridge heater and nozzle heater the system can precisely adjust to the requested temperature.

The system is powered by DST – Dynamic Shockwave Technology – which optimizes the valve's yield for the most perfect dispensing results allowing the dispensing valve to operated with extremely fast opening and closing cycles. The precise setting of stroke and force enable to dispense hot glue in ultra-fine dots/lines.

Freely adjustable parameter settings facilitate the customization of the jet properties to the respective requirements and fluid properties. The electronic control unit allows the change of the dispensing parameters without delay.

The hot melt cartridge cylinder reduces heating up time and cartridge changing time to receive optimum heating and humidity adjustments and optimized preservation of hot melt life.


Recommended Media:


The system provides a perfect solution for all types of hot melt adhesives, for example 3M, Henkel, Fuller glues.

Application Examples:

  • The system is ideal for the electronic industry, e.g. for bonding electronic gadgets, smart phone components, 3D MID (Molded Interconnect Device) and PCB (Printed Circuit Board).
  • It is also perfect as Dam and Fill dispensing techniques for VHD (Very High Dam) applications.
  • The variously programmable controller allows to dispense complex patterns, such as drop-on-drop and drop-on-fly dispensing.
  • The precise cutoff and accurate dispensing makes it a preferred solution for intermittent adhesive coating applications.


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