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Micro Dispensing Heaters


Integrated Nozzle Heaters and Heating Controllers

for the MDS 3000 Series and the MDS 1000 Series

Mikrodosiersystem - MDS 3010+-Series

Das Mikrodosiersystem MDS 3010+ steht für hochflexible Dosierung von Flüssigkeiten mit niedriger Viskosität.

MFC universal
Multi Functional Controller

The MFC universal Multi Functional Controller is the perfect solution for dynamical viscosity control for most demanding dispensing processes. By controlled heating and cooling the system is able to maintain a constant temperature during the entire process. This is particularly used in hot melt applications as well as for high precision dispensing with valve cooling requirements.

The MFC universal allows for controlling integrated heaters and compressed air valves that are connected with a VERMES Microdispensing System and work on an extra-low voltage basis (24 V or 48 V). It simultaneously manages up to four integrated heaters and/or valve cooling systems for flexible configuration according to your needs:

  • Heaters only
  • Coolers only
  • Heaters & coolers

MHC 48 Heater Controller

The MHC 48 Heater Controller has been designed to control nozzle heaters working on an extra-low voltage basis at a temperature range from 20°C to 99°C. Many of our microdispensing systems can be equipped with an integrated nozzle heating that are part of our MDFH fluid boxes.

A nozzle heater is normally used to ensure a constant process temperature of the dispensing medium or when dispensing has to take place above room temperature.

Talk to our experts about our tailored heating/cooling systems for your dispensing process. They will be glad to assist you in finding a heating solutions that perfectly meet your needs.

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