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Systèmes de microdosage - MDS

des familles de produits MDS 1000, 3000 & 5000 offrent une vitesse et une précision exceptionnelles pour le dosage sans contact

Les systèmes de microdosage basés sur une technologie de dosage sans contact sont souvent essentiels pour de nombreux processus de fabrication, de nos jours. La miniaturisation en constante progression exige une technique de microdosage qui fonctionne de manière exacte, fiable, économique et rapide. VERMES Microdispensing permet de réaliser des microdosages de tous types et pour toutes les exigences.


A series of systems for high to highest viscosity applications

MDS 3283 Series

  • High Frequency Dispensing Solution with Highest Precision
  • Latest Frame Technology Provides exceptional Stability
  • High Speed Piezo Technology
  • Incredible Application Flexibility for supreme Integration

MDS 3280 Series

  • High to Highest Viscosity Applications for Media up to 2 000 000 mPas
  • Unique Bayonet Fluid Box Body with integrated Heating
  • Easy Handling and Cleaning
  • Ultra-Precise High Speed Dispensing
  • Integration into Tightest Spaces

MDS 3250+FC Series

  • Fast Configuration with Top Adjust
  • High Speed Piezo Technology
  • Precisely Reproducible Dispensing Results
  • Contact-free Dispensing
  • Incredible Application Flexibility

MDS 3200+ Series

  • Medium to High Viscosity Industrial Applications
  • Highest Precision Piezo-based Dispensing
  • Production Proven Design
  • Wide Range of Applications
  • Tried and Tested in the Field for Many Years
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

A series of systems for low to medium viscosity applications

MDS 3050 Series

  • Performing most Precise Industrial Low to Medium Viscosity Applications
  • Modular Design allows highly flexible user-defined Configurations with wide range of Nozzle Inserts, Tappets
  • Latest Frame Technology provides exceptional Stability

MDS 3020 Series

  • Perform Most Complex Applications for Medium Viscous Media up to ca. 8 000 mPas
  • Highest Precision, Contact-free, Piezo-based Dispensing
  • Programmable Scenarios for User defined Patterns

MDS 3010 Series

  • Perform Industrial Applications  for Low Viscous Media up to ca. 300 mPas
  • Highest Precision, Contact-free, Piezo-based Dispensing
  • Modular Design allows User-defined Configurations

TD218 Series

  • Based on Piezo Technology
  • Modular Design for Flexible Configurability
  • Precise, Contact-Free Jetting
  • Quick Adjustment to Changing Dispensing Requirements
  • Fast Serviceability
  • High Stability

An allrounder series based on DST


Dynamic Shockwave Technology

Pioneering a new actuator principle

MDS 1560 Series

  • Wide Rang of Applications
  • Most Perfect Dispensing Results
  • Unique Compression Technology for highest Power + Speed

MDS 1560-HM

  • Perfect Solution for all types of Hot Melt Applications
  • Ideal for Electronic Manufacturing
  • Complex Pattern Dispensing Options
  • Highest Media Life Preservation

Electro-pneumatic Micro Dispensing Systems

Lerner TD118

TD118 Series

  • User-Friendly Electro-Pneumatic Dispensing
  • Time Saving Implementation into Dedicated Processes 
  • Effortless Change of Parts
  • Low Voltage Operation
  • On-the-fly Adjustability
  • Modular Design

A suitable solution for each individual application

The valves of the VERMES Microdispensing MDS Series can dispense media with viscosities of up to 2,000,000 mPas and droplet sizes of micro-, nano- and subnano-liter. We supply all industries; (e.g. microelectronics, semiconductors, consumer electronics, LED / LCD, medical technology, pharmaceutics, automotive).


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