Micro Dispensing Systems

Use the advantages of VERMES Micro Dispensing Systems:

  • Speed
  • Non Contact Jetting
  • Force
  • Precision
  • Modularity
  • Versatility

Dispensing Examples

VERMES Microdispensing offers individual solutions for your specific dispensing process. Profit from our first class microdispensing systems and our technical know-how.


We supply all industries, e.g.:

  • Elektronics
  • Semiconductors
  • Medical tech
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Automotive
  • Renewable Energy

Micro Dispensing Systems – Versatile and Modern

The micro dispensing system with contact free dispensing is nowadays so important, because it works very exact and cost efficient. Build for a versatile scope of applications, from electronic and photovoltaic industry to automotive – Vermes Microdispensing enables micro-bonding in all variations. Constant miniaturization demands a micro dispensing technic which works very exact and reliable. Vermes Microdispensing offers high-quality solutions for your individual requirements in the field of adhesive technology. At Micro Dispensing Systems you will find a complete overview of our products.

Micro-bonding – Top Result with Micro Dispensing Technic

VERMES micro dispensing systems enable contact free or contactless dispensing. A piezo valve allows for high speed dispensing, matched individually with your requirements. The valve can control dispensing frequencies from just a few hertz up to more than 3 kHz. Media with viscosities of up to 2.000.000 mPas can be dispensed and drop sizes smaller than 1 nl can be achieved. A modular allows for easy maintenance and cleaning of the parts in media contact. If necessary you can easily exchange the parts of the piezo jet valve which are in media contact. Contact free dispensing also helps to avoid damaging the target. The process of micro-bonding combines efficient production with a high degree of safety.


Hot Melt Dispensing System

VERMES Microdispensing GmbH presents a brand new system to dispense hot glue, also known as hot melt adhesive. Hot melt is a thermoplastic adhesive that changes its solid state to liquid under influence of high temperature and which is getting more and more popular in electronic industry, e.g. for bonding smart phone displays. Therefore VERMES Microdispensing GmbH has...

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