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Pinpoint Accuracy - Innovative Valve Technology with „QuickFix“ Nozzle Unit Boosts Performance of Solder Paste Dispensing Applications

VERMES Microdispensing stellt die neue Fluidik MDFH-48-CH-TA vor, die vor allem bei automatisierten Lotpasten-Applikationen optimale Ergebnisse liefert.

VERMES Microdispensing introduces its highly optimized MDS 3250+ Micro Dispensing System for next generation high viscosity media

The highest precision new microdispensing system MDS 3250+ is based on high speed piezo technology and is suitable for a wide range of sophisticated industrial applications...

VERMES Microdispensing introduces the new MDS 3010+-/3020+ series for the most flexible dispensing of low and medium viscosity fluids

The highest precision new microdispensing systems of the MDS 3010+ - / 3020+ series dispense minimal amounts in the subnano-range...

VERMES Microdispensing introduces its Multi Micro Dispensing System for low and medium viscosity

The all-new Multi Micro Dispensing System (Multi MDS) is architected for independent and simultaneous four-valve multi dispensing...